Field Applications Engineer and Sales Executive

Recently I was talking with someone and he asks me this funny question.

What is the difference between a Field Applications Engineer and a Sales executive apart from the fact that FAE has technical responsibilties? In a broad sense, both belong to the sales organization and are part of the strategy process to win a customer. But one of the fundamental difference I think is : l the sales manager sells to the customer by saying there is donut and the job of the FAE is to say there is a hole in the center of the donut 🙂  .   I completely acknowledge that Sales is no joke and this is how it works in this world.

If we dont tell about the hole, then 80% of the time, the FAE spends fishing up the customers who fall in that hole. It is a lot support intensive task and the FAE can better spend that time else where and generate the revenue for the company.

2 thoughts on “Field Applications Engineer and Sales Executive”

  1. Hi, interesting view to look at it …

    I am also switching my career from core Design Engineer to Application Consultant … had one query …

    What in your view are the future prospects of an Application consultant ? is there a difference between Field Application Engineer and Application Consultant ?


    1. Ankit,
      Appln Consultant and FAE are pretty much the same…Companies like Synopsys etc use the word Appln Cons instead of FAE…There might be few minor differences , but more or less its the same..Good luck and all the best .


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